Corosolic Acid Test Method

  1. Detection standard of corosolic acid:

Chromatographic conditions and system suitability test: octadecylsilane bonded silica gel, 150 * 4.6mm as filler;

Using acetonitrile-0.1% phosphoric acid solution (82:17.5) and methanol 40:60 as mobile phase;

Detection wavelength: 205nm;

The number of theoretical plates shall not be less than 1000 according to the calculation of corozo acid peak.

2.Preparation of reference solution:

Take a proper amount of colossal acid control substance, accurately weigh 15mg, put it into a 25ml Brown measuring bottle, add methanol, dissolve it by ultrasound, cool it to room temperature, shake it well and titrate it.

3.Preparation of test solution:

take about 0. 5g of the product powder (passing No. four sieve), Accurately weigh, place in a conical flask with a stopper, precisely add 50ml of methanol, weigh, ultrasonic treatment (power 250W, frequency 35kHz) for 30 minutes, cool down, weigh again, use 50% methanol to make up the weight lost, shake well, filter, precisely measure 5ml of filtrate, place in 25ml Brown measuring bottle, add ‘50% methanol to the scale, shake well, then the test solution is obtained.

4.The determination method accurately sucks 5 UL of the control solution and 5 UL of the test solution, respectively, and injects them into the liquid chromatograph for determination.