Banaba leaf Extract corosolic acid

Source: Banaba Extract 
Latin Name :Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers

Extract part: Flower

Specifications: 1%-10%,water extract,ratio extract
Active Ingredient :Corosolic Acid


Identification measure :HPLC
Appearance: Brown green powder 
Country of origin:P.R. China


Banaba extract is used as a natural health supplement and is made from the leaves of the banaba tree. Some research suggests that banaba extract may support blood sugar balance and weight loss. The primary active ingredient is corosolic acid, and there are also numerous possible synergists including lager-stroemin, flosin B and reginin A.


1. As Healthy Products ingredients.
3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.
4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.
5. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients.

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