Vine tea extract Dihydromyricetin introduction from Changsha Staherb

Vine tea extract Dihydromyricetin introduction from staherb

Dihydromyricetin introduction

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a natural extract of vine tea. For centuries, DHM has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat hangovers and relieve alcohol.

Flavonoids such as staphylococcus and dihydromyricetin in vine tea are the main active components, and their MIC and MBC are basically the same as berberine, and the free radical scavenging activity is between 73.3 and 91.5%. It can also reduce oxidative damage in the body, delay aging, and reduce liver deformation and tissue necrosis.

How does Dihydromyricetin powder work?

There is no other product more proven to reduce hangover symptoms except Dihydromyricetin powder. It has been studied extensively on mice and interacts with alcohol in a very unique way.

First, Dihydromyricetin powder is able to actually dampen the effect alcohol has on your brain. It does this by binding to GABA receptors. GABA is a neurotransmitter effected by alcohol. After alcohol enters your blood stream and reaches your brain it binds to GABA receptors and enhances the effect you get from the GABA neurotransmitter. This leads to your heart rate slowing, feelings of relaxation, and eventually drunkenness. Dihydromyricetin powder also binds to GABA receptors and softens the effect alcohol has on them. This lessens acute alcohol withdrawal the next day which reduces hangover symptoms.

Second, Dihydromyricetin powder enhances your livers ability to metabolize alcohol and alcohol’s toxic by product, acetaldehyde. When alcohol is metabolized in your liver it turns to acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is much more toxic than alcohol and can cause extreme nausea, headaches, and sensitivity to light. Dihydromyricetin powder helps your body remove acetaldehyde more quickly which decreases hangover symptoms the next day.

Dihydromyricetin Function

1.Dihydromyricetin has the best effect of anti-alcohol;

2.Vine tea extract can protect the liver and stomach;

3.Dihydromyricetin has the best effect of anti-hypertension;antitumor, antioxidation,anti-inflammation;

4.Vine tea extract has the best effect of antibiotic action;

5.Dihydromyricetin has the best effect of cardiovascular

protection and enhancing immunity.

Dihydromyricetin Application

1.Applied in food industry

2.Applied in health product, vine tea extract dihydromyricetin powder used as raw materials to enhance body immunity

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, vine tea extract dihydromyricetin powder used as capsules or pills to treat respiratory tract infection and protect liver


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