Mangosteen Extract

Product Name: Mangosteen Extract

Latin Name: Garcinia Mangostana L.

Used Part: Husk

Active Ingredients: α -Mangostin(Alpha-mangostin), Polyphenol,Xanthone

Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water  

Specification: 10%, 30%, 90% α -mangostin

Appearance: Brown to yellow powder

Melting point: 182C

Molecular Formula: C24H28O6

Molecular Weight: 410.47

CAS number: 6147-11-1 

Specification: 20%(UV)Component: >20% polyphone, >1%Mangostin

Appearance: Red-brown powder Specification: 10%~40% xanthone 

What is Mangosteen Extract produced in Changsha Staherb Natural Ingredients Co.,Ltd.?Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana Linn), regarded as the “Queen of Fruits,” is native to the Malay Archipelago and Indonesia. Today it is abundantly grown in most wet, tropical regions of the Southeast Asia and beyond. For hundreds of years, the people of Southeast Asia have used mangosteen, especially the rind, to ward off and treat infections, reduce pain or control fever, and treat various other ailments.Xanthones and Tannins (polyphenols) are the main function ingredients of mangosteen. Scientific research showed that mangosteen contains more than 40 xanthones (Alpha-mangostin is a major component),- roughly 20% of about 200 xanthones found in nature. The Mangosteen is the single, most abundant source of xanthones known to science. Xanthones and Tannins can help fight and prevent cellular damage caused by free oxygen radicals. It is even more potent antioxidant than vitamins C and E, it can strengthen your body’s immune system and improving your overall health. Thus it is wildly used in herbal cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.  

What will Mangosteen Extract be used for ?

1. Antioxidant: Mangostin is the inhibitor of oxidation of LDL, which have major role in cardio-vascular and related chronic diseases.

2. Anti-allergies and inflammations: γ- mangostin was identified to inhibit COX, as their inhibition acutely reduces inflammations, pains and fevers.

3. Antivirus and anti-bacteria: the polysaccharides in the extract form can stimulate phagocytic cells to kill intracellular bacteria.

4. Anticancer: Mangostin has been revealed to inhibit topoisomerase, which is essential for cell division in cancer cells, also could selectively induce cell apoptosis and inhibit cell division  

Benefits of Mangosteen Extract:

1. Anti-aging

2. Anti-cancer

3. Anti-bacterial

4. Support microbiological balance,

5. Help the immune system,

6. Improve joint flexibility,

7. Provide mental support,

8. Help diarrhea,

9. Help infections,

10. Help tuberculosis 

Application Of Mangosteen Extract: Beverage, Cosmetic, Capsules,


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