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The health product with functional ingredient of “Lagerstroemia indica corosoic acid” was approved by Japanese functional labeling food recently. It is understood that this component is a new functional component. Approved to have the effect of lowering blood glucose levels in people with high blood sugar values.

It was FANCL that filed the declaration. The trade name is “sugar value support”. In order to support the scientific basis of function, the research review of functional participation components was submitted. The three terpenoids of rocoloid acid are reported. Previously, it has been declared as a participating part of specific health food.

corosolic acid

Corosolic acid is derived from the extract of Lagerstroemia indica (commonly known as Barnabas, abundant in the Philippine Islands). The results of in vitro and in vivo experiments showed that corosolic acid promoted the absorption and utilization of glucose by stimulating glucose transport, thus achieving its hypoglycemic effect. The excitatory effect of corosolic acid on glucose transport is similar to that of insulin, so it is also called plant insulin.

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