banaba leaf extract lower blood sugar levels

Banaba is a plant of the family Lamiaceae that lives in tropical Asia. It has long been used as a beverage by decocting this leaf. Banaba leaves have been used as a folk medicine because they have an effect on diabetes. In recent years, while eating habits have become richer, the incidence of lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity caused by too much unbalanced nutrition and diabetes caused by obesity has not occurred, or there is a risk of onset. Since the so-called reserve group is increasing, it has been widely used as a raw material for so-called health foods that prevent obesity and diabetes by ingestion as food

On the other hand, various studies have been conducted on banaba leaves, including ingredients. Among them, corosolic acid contained in banaba leaves has been found to be an activator of glucose movement in the body, affecting diabetes and its onset. It can lower blood sugar levels, and has attracted attention.

In this way, attempts have been made to extract functional components from banaba leaves and use them as raw materials. After extracting banaba leaves with hot water, a method of extracting functional components with styrene-divinylbenzene-based resin, or banaba leaves The method for increasing the corosolic acid content by examining the extraction conditions from the potato is disclosed

However, it is difficult to obtain an extract obtained from banaba leaves, in particular, banaba leaves containing a high amount of corosolic acid, and a banaba leaf extract having a sufficient content cannot be obtained due to differences in raw materials or extraction conditions.

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