antiangiogenic activity and safety of intravitreal injection in rats eyes of corosolic acid

Vision loss represents an important public health problem all over the world. It is estimated more than 200 million people are moderately or severely visually impaired and 36 million are blind. Proliferative retinal diseases are a common cause of vision loss, like cases of diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. Both of these diseases are characterized by abnormal neovascularization.

Angiogenesis or neovascularization is a natural process responsible for new blood vessels formation, and it is controlled by proangiogenic and antiangiogenic factors. However, the balance between these factors is lost in some pathological conditions, due to an overexpression of proangiogenic factors. The result is an uncontrolled cell multiplication and formation of neovasculature, which is weak and incompetent, leading to leaks and hemorrhages, which may compromise the retinal integrity and, progressively, the visual function. Thus, the inhibition of angiogenesis process is an interesting strategy to treat proliferative diseases of retina. Because of the anatomical and physiologic characteristics of the eye, the intravitreal administration is frequently used as drug delivery strategy to treat posterior segment diseases, once it provides the drug directly at the site of action and reduces the adverse systemic effects .

Corosolic acid (CA) or 2a-hydroxyursolic is a natural pentacyclic triterpene occurring in a variety of medicinal plants . This natural compound exhibits numerous biological properties, such as antiangiogenic, antidiabetic, antioxidative, antiinflammatory, antiproliferative, antitumoral, antiobesity , protein kinase C inhibition , antiseptic and antiaging activities. However, at present, no study has investigated the ophthalmic application of CA. Therefore, this work aimed to evaluate the antiangiogenic activity and the safety of intravitreal administration of CA using in vivo models.

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