Antidiabetic Effects of Corosolic Acid

The antidiabetic effects of corosolic acid (CA) were investigated in KK-Ay mice, an animal model of type 2 diabetes. CA (2mg/kg body weight) reduced the blood glucose levels of KK-Ay mice 4h after a single oral dose. CA (2mg/kg) reduced the blood glucose levels in KK-Ay mice 2 weeks after a single oral dose and also significantly lowered plasma insulin levels were in KK-Ay mice under similar conditions. CA-treated KK-Ay mouse blood glucose significantly decreased in an insulin tolerance test. These results support the hypothesis that CA improves glucose metabolism by reducing insulin resistance. Therefore CA may be useful for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
Despite considerable progress in the management of diabetes mellitus with synthetic drugs, the search for indigenous natural antidiabetic agents is ongoing. The plant kingdom offers a wide field to search for effective oral hypoglycemics. More than 400 species have been reported to exhibit hypoglycemic effects, but only a few have been investigated.
The leaf of Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.) has been used as a traditional Oriental medicine to treat diabetes (polyuria and polydipsia). It contains polyphenol compounds and corosolic acid (CA) In a previous study, it was reported that polyphenol compounds have antidiabetic effects. We found a new antidiabetic compound, CA of Banaba leaf, for single oral administration.However, there is no experimental evidence detailing improved hyperglycemia after repeated administration. In the present study, we examined the antidiabetic effects of CA in KK-Ay diabetic mice, an animal model of type 2 diabetes.

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