banaba leaf extract corosolic aicd for lowering glucose

Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa (L.) Pers., Lythraceae) have been used in Southeast Asia as a folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. Its antidiabetes and antiobesity effects have been demonstrated in several animal models as well as in a number of human studies. Many studies have indicated that corosolic acid one of the main components in banaba, is responsible for its antidiabetic activity. It has been reported that CRA promotes glucose disposal after glucose load and exhibits glucose lowering action in diabetic mice.

In this study, 31 subjects were orally administered 10mg CRA or a placebo, on different occasions, in a capsule 5min before the 75-g oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) in a double-blind and cross-over design. Nineteen subjects had diabetes, seven had impaired glucose tolerance, one had impaired fasting glucose, and four had normal glucose tolerance according to the 1998 WHO criteria. There were no significant differences in plasma glucose levels before and 30min after the administration. CRA treatment subjects showed lower glucose levels from 60min until 120min and reached statistical significance at 90min. In this study, we have shown for the first time that CRA has a lowering effect on postchallenge plasma glucose levels in vivo in humans.

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