Corosolic acid induces apoptosis

Corosolic acid from banaba leaves (Lagerstroemia speciosa) has been used as a traditional herbal medicine for diabetes and kidney disorders.1-3 However, whether it has significant side effects remains unknown.

we focus on one of the triterpenoids, corosolic acid, which is isolated from A. valvata Dunn and also has been discovered in many Chinese medicinal herbs, such as the Lagerstroemia speciosa L.and banaba leaves .It has been reported that CRA produces an excellent anti-diabetic activity in some animal experiments and clinical trials, including improvement of glucose metabolism by reducing insulin resistance in a mice model and lowering effect on post-challenge plasma glucose levels in human,It was also reported that CRA displayed some cytotoxic activities against several human cancer cell lines. However, the mechanisms for the anti-tumoral activity of CRA have not yet been explored.
In this paper, we investigated the anti-cancer properties of CRA isolated from A. valvata Dunn. We now report for the first time a study showing that CRA can induce apoptotic death in HeLa cells. This occurs through a mechanism that involves the deregulation of the cell cycle machinery, direct depolarization of mitochondria, and activation of mitochondria-mediated, caspase-dependent apoptotic signaling cascades. Due to these effects, CRA may provide a useful new therapeutic strategy for cervix adenocarcinoma.

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