What is Vitamin B17?

It is the compound, amygdalin, found abundantly in our raw food supply, most notably in the seeds of non-citrus fruits. Most commonly it is called Laetrile, the commercially prepared product of the apricot seed.

It is composed of two molecules of glucose (sugar), one molecule of benzaldehyde, and one molecule of hydrocyanic acid. Amygdalin is a plant compound that contains sugar and produces cyanide .Cyanide is believed to be the active cancer-killing ingredient in Laetrile. Don’t worry, only cyanide gas is lethal to living things. It also may play a role in the natural ripening of fruit and as a fungicide. The only way it can be released is by an enzyme which is only found in a cancer cell. If we don’t fiddle with nature it will help take care of us. We are designed to heal if given the right nutrients. Unfortunately, we have processed most the nutrients out of our foods due to convenience, looks, taste and shelf life. Nature did not make that food, man did. You can’t continue to live and eat “dead” food. Live = Life and Dead = Dead.


It is found in the pits of many fruits and raw nuts. It is also found in other plants like lima beans, clover, sprouting seeds, in the pit of apples, cherries, peaches, orange, plums, papaya, almonds, nectarines, apricots, and bitter almonds. It is found in heavy concentration in the stone fruit kernels. B17 is also found in grains like millet and buckwheat, as well as macadamia nuts, bamboo shoots, mung beans, butter beans, and some garden peas. B17 is found a great abundance in the vegetables man used to eat in great quantities and also found in the natural fodder of animals. Due to changes in our diets we don’t eat as much of these plants as our ancestors.


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