loquat leaf Extract water extract

loquat leaf Extract

Source: loquat leaf
Latin Name :Eriobotrya japonica

Extract part: Leaf

Specifications: ration

Identification measure :UV
Appearance: Fine Light brown yellow powder
Country of origin:P.R. China


Ursolic Acid, a carboxylic acid present in a wide variety of plants in the form of a free acid or an aglycone of triterpene saponines. It is a pentacyclic triterpenoid compound which naturally occurs in a large number of vegetarian food, medicinal herbs and plants.


1.Loquat Leaf Extract can be applied in food field, as raw materials of tea is easy to reduce phlegm;

2.Loquat Leaf Extract can be applied in pharmaceutical field, may be it will become a new anti-cancer

drug with low toxic;

3.Loquat Leaf Extract can be applied in cosmetic field, it can invigorate blood circulation and remove beverage