Strawberry Extract

Product Name:Strawberry Extract Powder
Latin Name: Fragaria ananassa Duchesne

Part used: Fruit (Fresh, 100% Natural)

Appearance: Red powder

Specification: Strawberry fruit powder, spray dried powder, ratio extract 5:1-100:1

Extract Method:Water

It has the taste of fresh strawberries, contains many vitamins especially rich VC. It can help improve eyesight, nourish the liver, nurse gastrointestinal tract and anaemia. Besides, it is helpful to the prevention of scorbutus and the treatment of arteriosclerosis and coronary disease. It is in the form of powder, featured of good flowability, excellent taste, good water-solubility and easy preservation.

1.Applied in food field, it is widely used as functional foodadditive.

2.Applied in health product field, it owns the function of strengthening stomach, promoting digestion and preventing postpartum syndrome.

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is frequently used in treating coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.