spinach extract powder

spinach extract/spinach extract powder/natural spinach extract

Product Description[English name] Spinach Extract

[Botanical namSpinacia oleracea

Part used: Leaf

Specification: 4:1, 12:1, 15:1

Spinach is a good source of Vitamin K, which aids in the formation of the blood substance required for clotting of blood.

Spinach and alfalfa help stabilize blood sugar among diabetics. Make a drink by getting several handful of spinach, add 3 cups of water. Place over low heat for one hour. Then strain. Take ½ cup twice a day. Spinach and alfalfa may be served as part of the meal


  1. With the function of natural food pigment, it is widely used in cakes, beverages, ice-cream and candy products, it has good coloring effect;
  2. With the obvious function of treating chronic and acute hepatitis and hepatomegaly;
  3. With the function of promoting recovery of the liver”s function, healing of stomach ulcers and intestine ulcers.
  4. With the obvious function of treating pericementum, oral cavity ulcers and halitosis.