Raspberry Extract Powder

Product Name:Raspberry Extract Powder

Botanical Name:Fructus Rubi

Part Used:fruit

Active Ingredients:Raspberry Ketone

Specifications:4% Raspberry Ketone

CAS No.:5471-51-2

Appearance:Brown or white powder

Extract Method:Water/Enthanol

Raspberries are an important commercial fruit crop, widely grown in all temperate regions of the world.Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. It is used in perfumery, in cosmetics, and as a food additive to impart a fruity odor. It is one of the most expensive natural flavor components used in the food industry.


  1. The active ingredient: Anthocyanin, 5% Anthocyanin, 10% Anthocyanin,15% Anthocyanin, 20% Anthocyanin, 25% Anthocyanin, etc.. The content level of effective materials is up to 35% Anthocyanin.
  2. The effect: using as medicine, it can cure renal deficiency and enuresis, Frequent micturition.
    1.) It’s also an good material using as cure sexual disorder, such as impotence, prospermia, hyposexuality and so on.
    2.) It has strong Anti-aging effect, and enhance immune system.