Garlic powder

English Name Garlic powder

Latin Name Allium sativum L

Part of the Plant Used bulbs

Active Ingredient Allicin

Product specification 1%,2%,3%

Extraction Type Solvent Extraction

Place of Origin China (Mainland)

Appearance Like white fine powder

Shelf Life Two years

Dried Garlic powder is dehydrated ground garlic, and provides some of the flavor, but not the texture of fresh garlic. Dehydrated Garlic powder has all the benefits of whole garlic because it is a powdered version of whole garlic. Garlic powder disperses well in liquids, so it”s a good choice for making a more full-flavored dish . Air Dried Garlic powder applications include pasta, pizza, and grilled chicken.

1,Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;

2,Functional food as capsules or pills;

3,Water-soluble beverages;

4,Health products as capsules or pills.