Kiwi fruit Powder

Product name:Kiwi Powder
Appearance:Light yellow fine powder
Specification:Pure Powder

Kiwi fruit contains a sense of the promotion of a calm mood, sedative mood; contains natural inositol helps brain activity; dietary fiber can reduce cholesterol and promote heart health; kiwi alkali and a variety of proteases, with appetizers and spleen, Help digestion, to prevent the function of constipation. In addition, kiwi and UFA beauty, delicate skin role. Kiwi contains a variety of vitamins and fats, protein, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, pectin, etc., of which vitamin C content is very high, every 100 grams of kiwi with vitamin C400 ~ 430 mg.


  1. kiwi sweet and sour, cold, there is Shengjin antipyretic, adjusting the gas, thirst thirst diuretic, nourishing the effect of physical strength. It has beauty, improve immunity, anti-cancer, anti-aging, softening blood vessels, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory function.
  2. kiwi suitable for gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, hypertension, coronary heart disease, jaundice hepatitis, arthritis, urethral calculus patients edible; suitable for loss of appetite, indigestion consumption; suitable for aviation, navigation, Special staff and elderly patients eaten. Emotional, eat barbecue food people also eat kiwi.
  3. Kiwi contains excellent dietary fiber and rich antioxidants, can play a heat Jianghuo, Runzao laxative effect, can effectively prevent and treat constipation and hemorrhoids.