the situations toconsider taking banaba

1.Anyone with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, or at high risk of developing diabetes should consider taking a banaba supplement.

2.People with high cholesterol levels in their blood may also want to consider incorporating banaba.

3.Patients with fungal or viral infections could also benefit from a banaba supplement. As could patients with inflammation, whether it be due to autoimmune conditions, arthritis, gastritis, or some other inflammatory disease.

4.People who are overweight or obese may want to take banaba (Lagerstroemia) as well. The same goes for those with metabolic syndrome.

5.If you have fluoride overexposure from your drinking water, banaba may help to minimize the effects.

6.Those with liver disease, whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic, may also benefit from taking a banaba supplement.

7.Patients with cancer (particularly hepatocellular or colorectal cancer) should also consider taking this supplement.

8.HIV patients may also want to consider taking banaba.