Overall health benefits of banaba

1.People taking banaba have also been known to have lower levels of high sensitivity C reactive protein ( also known as hs CRP for short).

2.High sensitivity C reactive protein is an indication of how much inflammation is present in the body. Therefore, people on banaba should expect to have less inflammation throughout the body.

3.Fungal infections, such as vaginal yeast infections and athlete’s foot, may clear up as a result of banaba supplementation. Viral infections, such as the flu or cold sores, can also be helped.

4.An additional benefit of taking a banaba supplement is the management of inflammation. And less inflammation usually means less pain, less fatigue, less swelling, and less brain fog.

5.If you take banaba, you can expect some weight loss to occur.

One scientific research study found that participants taking a banaba supplement lost an average of 2.7 pounds, compared to a gain of 3.4 pounds in the placebo group.

Even more importantly, it has been found that those taking a banaba supplement can expect a loss of fat mass.

6.You will also gain protection against alcoholic liver disease. Studies have found that people taking banaba have lower transaminase levels (liver enzymes) as well as less fat in their liver.

They also have lower levels of 2-thiobarbituric acid reactive substances or TBARS for short. These are markers that demonstrate when there has been an oxidative injury to the liver. Banaba appears to help improve the overall health of the liver.

7.For those taking banaba for an HIV infection, they can expect to see a lower viral load and inhibition of the infection itself.