banaba leaf extract brief introduction

You may have tried all kinds of methods to manage your diabetes, but have you heard of banaba leaf before?

Banaba leaf, not to be confused with banana leaf, grows on a tropical tree species called the Pride of India. The scientific name of the tree is Lagerstroemia speciosa.Like its name implies, the banaba tree is native to India, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines. It is consumed in these areas as a tea. The young and mature leaves are also eaten as vegetables — the leaves have a mild, sweet taste and are a staple dessert in some cuisines.But banaba leaves aren’t only eaten. The extract of banaba leaves has been used in traditional and folk medicine for many years due to its ability to treat diabetes.

Banaba extract has been the subject of diabetes research since 1940, and scientists have discovered that the extract has a hypoglycemic effect similar to that of insulin. The extract stimulates the transport of blood glucose into cells all over the body