Sweetener stevia ra leaves extract—– stevioside

Source: Sweetener stevia ra leaves
Latin Name :Sweetener stevia ra leaves

Extract part: Leaf

Active Ingredient :stevioside


Identification measure :HPLC
Appearance: Fine white powder 
Country of origin:P.R. China

Sweetener stevia ra leaves extract----- stevioside


The stevioside is soluble in ethanol. It belongs to non-fermentative products, so it can be used in the food which is difficult to sterilize by heated and do not have Maillard brown reaction so as to keep the white color. It’s much closer to cane sugar compared with the other natural sweeteners,while the drawback is the large molecular weight and poor permeability. Stevia has the maximum absorption in the ultraviolet wavelength of spectrophotometer 210nm, thus can be used as quantitative basis.


White powder or granule. It not only has the properties of high sweetness, but also has lasting and cool taste. The high class sweetener in food industrial. It can be used as the substitute of cane sugar with low costs, better tastes, and can be widely used in the food industry, beverage, pickles, cosmetics, medicine, health care, and so on

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