Bamboo Extract Silica

Source: Bamboo Extract
Latin Name : Bamboo

Extract part: Leaf

Active Ingredient :Silica 


Identification measure :HPLC/UV
Appearance: Fine brown yellow powder 
Country of origin:P.R. China

Bamboo Extract Silica


Bamboo leaf extract presents also very good technical features,as it is easy to dissove in hot water and low-density alcohol with high thermal and water stability,processing flexibility,and high oxidation prevention stability.Even and unfavorable condition that the local concentraction far exceeds the limit,there shall be no oxidation promotion effects,which occurs generally in tea polyphenols.Moreover,the extract carries with it the original faint scent of bamboo,and a favorable and refreshing taste with little sweetness and bitterness. Bamboo leaf extract can be used widely in the production of drug,food,anti-aging products,cosmetics and feeding stuff.


1. As dietary supplements, intaken as capsules.
2. As an ingredient in other nutraceutical products such as milk powder, nutraceutical beverage (Bamboo Beer, Bamboo Water), etc.
3. Added to regular foods to increase its nutrition values such as rice/noodle.
4. As cosmetic ingredient used in skin-care products.

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