Yam Root Extract Diosgenin

Yam Root Extract Diosgenin

Source: Yam Root 
Latin Name :Dioscorea opposita Thunb.
Extract part: Seed

Specifications: 1%-90%
Active Ingredient :Diosgenin

Identification measure :HPLC
Appearance: Finewhite powder 
Country of origin:P.R. China

Yam Root Extract Diosgenin


Yam is a yam plants. The main edible part of an underground tuber. Distribution of a wide range of yam, common in tropical and subtropical regions. Among Central and South America as the most, followed by subtropical region and Africa. The annual production of yam in the tropics is second only to cassava and sweet potato, but more than their nutritional value. It is the most important root crop, is one of the important food crops.


1.Be helpful to the liver and endocrine system;

2.Regulate the female system, particularly during menstrual distress and menopause;

3.Treat infertility;

4.Treatment for morning sickness. 

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