rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil 

Specification:100% oil

Cas no.:8000-25-7

rosemary essential oil


Related to mint and looking like lavender, rosemary has leaves like flat pine needles touched with silver. It boasts of a woodsy, citrus-like fragrance that has become a feature of many kitchens, gardens, and apothecaries worldwide. Rosemary oil has been extensively used and studied since ancient times for a variety of health benefits. Today, it is included in many medicinal preparations, with many potential offerings.

The rosemary essential has the effective for detox, diuresis, perspiration, and strengthening the immune system. You may paint essential oils on your body, especially the area around the lymph nodes (e.g., underarm and groin) and then sweat through exercise. If you persist in using these essential oils, you can have a lissome body.


1. May Improve Brain Function
2. Stimulates Hair Growth
3. May Help Relieve Pain
4. Repels Certain Bugs
5. May Eases Stress
6. May Increase Circulation
7. May Help Perk You Up
8. May Reduce Joint Inflammation


1.Applied in food

2.Applied in pharmacuetical 

3.Applied in cosmetics

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