Rhubarb extract emodin

Source: Rhubarb root

Latin Name: Rheum palmatum L

Extract part: root

Specifications: 50%,90%
Active Ingredient :emodin

Identification measure :HPLC
Appearance: Fine orange yellow powder 
Country of origin:P.R. China


Rhubarb has an illustrious history of inclusion in many laxative preparations. Rhubarb is generally considered a mild laxative that produces a soft stool 6-10 hours after ingestion. Rhubarb is especially well suited for children since it is very mild in action. Rhubarb root has a purgative action for use in the treatment of constipation, but also has an astringent effect too. Rhubarb, therefore, has a truly cleansing action upon the gut, removing debris and then astringing with antiseptic properties as well. The primary chemical constituents of rhubarb include anthraquinones,that contribute to the laxative and purgative properties of Rhubarb Chinese research is investigating Rhubarb””s ability to possibly inhibit cancer cells.

Rhubarb extract emodin


1. Applied in food field, as the raw material of food, not only nutritious and good for stomach, but aslo have the function of detoxication;
2. Applied in pharmaveutical field, promoting blood circulation and regulating breathing, which will help the metabolism; 
3. Applied in cosmetic field, keeping skin speckleless and wrinkleless. (hair and skin care products)

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