Plumepoppy extract

Plumepoppy Extract total alkali (Sanguine and chelidine)

Latin Name:Macleaya cordata

Extract part: fruit pod

Specifications: 60%(3-70%)
Active Ingredient :total alkali (Sanguine and chelidine)

CAS:  Sanguine: 5578-73-4;  chelidine:467-32-4:

Identification measure :HPLC
Appearance: Fine orange yellow powder 
Country of origin:P.R. China


Macleaya cordata belongs to the family Papaveraceae, is a poisonous herb native to China and Japan. It is a perennial plant, with deep lobed leaves and dusty clouds of tiny blossom at the tips of erect stems, most often a white color. Macleaya cordata owns thousand years history of medicinal usage in China.

It contains several alkaloids. Sanguinarine and chelerythrine are the main components of it, which have wide fungicidal and strong insecticidal activity.

Macleaya cordata extract can help livestock effectively antimicrobial diarrhea, simulative bile and pancreatic secretion. Animal body experiment taken with rabbit contracting diplococcus pneumonlae proves that the injection of this Macleaya cordata Extract product can inhibit and postpone the effect of fervescence caused by diplococcus pneumonlae, and have the function of antibiosis and refrigeration. The injection can also be used to treat lobar pneumonia, acute quinsy tonsillitis, tympanitis and tumor of thyroid. etc.

Macleaya cordata Extract also has the function of detumescence, detoxification and pesticide. It can be used in the treatment of furuncle, abscess, malignant boil, ulcer, scald and intractable tinea, etc. The suppositories of sanguinarine and chelerythrine are used on the treatment of cervical erosion in clinically. Sunfull’s Macleaya cordata extract is easy to dissolve in methanol and ethanol solution. It is green, safe and effective.


 Feed antibiotics, insecticide, bactericide and veterinary injection

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