Olive Leaf Extract Oleuropein

  • Source: Olive Leaf
    Latin Name :Olea europaea L.
  • Extract part: Leaf
  • Specifications:6%-40%
    Active Ingredient :Oleuropein
  • CAS:32619-42-4
  • Identification measure :HPLC
    Appearance: Fine brown powder 
    Country of origin:P.R. China
Olive Leaf Extract Oleuropein
Olive Leaf Extract Oleuropein


 Oleuropein is the leaf of the olive leaf. While olive oil is well known for its flavor and health benefits, olive leaf has been used medicinally in various times and places. Natural olive leaf and olive leaf extract oleuropein are now marketed as an antiaging,immunosttimulator and an antibiotic. Clinical evidence has proven the blood pressure lowering effects of carefully extracted olive leaf extract oleuropein. Bioassays support its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects at a laboratory level. Best quality natural oleuropein extract from Rongsheng biotechnology in China,A liquid extract made directly from fresh olive leaf recently gained international attention when olive leaf extract oleuropein was shown to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C.


1. Applied in food field.
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field.
3. Applied in cosmetic field.

4.Applied in health care product.

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