Maca Extract

  • Source: Maca Extract 
    Latin Name :Lepidium Meyenii
  • Extract part: Root
  • Specifications:4:1
    Active Ingredient :Maca Extract
  • CAS:
    Identification measure :HPLC
    Appearance: Fine Light yello to brown yellow powder 
    Country of origin:P.R. China
Maca Extract
maca extract


Natural maca root extract powder is a kind of natural food. The botanist and medical experts long-term study found that Maca root extract contains 4 kinds of alkaloids and glucosinolates, vitamins such as protein, amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals and a variety of natural plant active ingredients. These components have been confirmed and Maca root extract powderanti fatigue, anti depression and improve fertility, regulating endocrine related.


1. Applied in food field, maca extract is used as an anti-aging food; 

2. Applied in health food field, maca extract is also used as an afrodyn; 

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, maca extract is used to treat organ dysplasia.

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