loquat leaf extract corosolic acid

  • Loquat Leaf Extract—Corosolic Acid
  • Source: loquat leaf
    Latin Name :Eriobotrya japonica
  • Extract part: Leaf
  • Specifications: 1%-98%
    Active Ingredient :Corosolic acid
  • CAS:4547-24-4
  • Identification measure :HPLC
    Appearance: Fine Light brown yellow powder to white color 
    Country of origin:P.R. China


Loquat leaf extract contains a triterpenoid compound known as corosolic acid which has actions in stimulating glucose transport into cells. As such, loquat leaf plays a role in regulating levels of blood sugar and insulin in the blood. Loquat leaf extract For some people, fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin are related to appetite, hunger and various food cravings particularly craving for carbohydrates such as bread and sweets. Loquat leaf extractBy keeping blood sugar and insulin levels in check, loquat leaf may be an effective supplement for promoting weight loss in certain individuals.

loquat leaf extract corosolic acid
loquat leaf extract


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