Lagerstroemia speciosa extract

Corosolic acid is a kind of triterpenoids which is naturally presented in Lagerstroemia. Its basic skeleton is the pentacyclic parent nucleus of multiple hydrogen-pinenes. It can either exist in the free form or in the form of saponins inside the plant bodies. In plants, it often co-exists with its isomers hawthorn acid (2α-hydroxy oleanolic acid) with similar structures and chemical properties between each other, thus causing difficulty in separation. In vivo results have shown that corosolic acid promotes the cellular glucose uptake and utilization through stimulating the transport of glucose, thus smoothly achieving its hypoglycemic effect. Its excitatory effects on glucose transport is similar to insulin, therefore, people also call corosolic acid as plant insulin.
Animal experiments have shown that corosolic acid has a significant hypoglycemic effect on both normal rats and genetically diabetic mice.
Corosolic acid can also lead to weight loss. Clinical study has found that orally administration of this drug can regulate insulin and blood sugar levels with significant trend of weight loss (average weight loss 0.908-1.816Kg). The whole process is slow and dieting is not necessary. Combination with exercise, drinking a lot of water and regulating the diet with products containing corosolic acid can give rise to the best weight loss efficacy.
In addition corosolic acid also has many other biological activity, such as inhibitory effects on TPA-induced inflammation whose anti-inflammation effect is stronger than commercially available anti-inflammatory drug, indomethacin; it also has a inhibitory effect on DNA polymerase, as well as inhibitory effects on a variety of tumor cell growth.

Lagerstroemia speciosa extract
banaba extract

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