Glossy Privet Fruit Extract Oleanolic acid

Glossy Privet Fruit Extract—– Oleanolic acid

Source: Glossy Privet Fruit 
Latin Name : Glossy Privet

Extract part: Flower

Specifications: 2%-98%
Active Ingredient :Oleanolic acid 

Identification measure :HPLC
Appearance: Fine white powder 
Country of origin:P.R. China 

Glossy Privet Fruit Extract Oleanolic acid
oleanolic acid


Ligustrum lucidum is a Chinese medicinal plant that is often used in combination with other herbs in botanical formulas. Ligustrum lucidum is also available in reducing blood pressure, hypolipidemic, increased the role of interleukin, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, chronic hepatitis.
Ligustrum lucidum extract (glossy privet fruit extract) is taken internally in the treatment of complaints associated with weak kidney and liver energy such as menopausal problems, blurred vision, cataracts, tinnitus, rheumatic pains, palpitations, backache and insomnia.


1) Applied in food field, as raw materials of tea is easy to reduce phlegm;

2) Applied in pharmaceutical field, may be it will become a new anti-cancer drug with low toxic;
3) Applied in cosmetic field, it can invigorate blood circulation and remove beverage.

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