Acerola Extract

Product Name: Super Acerola Extract in stock 
Latin name: Malpighia glabra L.
Molecular formula: C6H8O6 
CAS Number: 223747-63-5
Effective ingredients: Vitamin C
Specification: Vitamin C 17% 25% HPLC, 5:1 10:1
Product properties: Yellow fine powder
Other Name:Acerola cherry, Barbados cherry, West Indian Cherry, Wild Crapemyrtle, Malpighia glabra L., Malpighia emarginata DC., Malpighia biflora Poir., Malpighia punicifolia L., Malpighia retusa Benth. 
Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid
Chemical Name: (5R)-[(1S)-1,2-dihydroxyethyl]-3,4-dihydroxyfuran-2(5H)-one, or 2-oxo-L-threo-hexono-1,4- lactone-2,3-enediol, or (R)-3,4-dihydroxy-5-((S)- 1,2-dihydroxyethyl)furan-2(5H)-one
Mol. Wt.: 176.12 g/mol
Test Method:HPLC
Main Function:Antioxidant

Acerola Extract
acerola extract


Acerola extract is the Acerola fruit products made by the extraction a&d isolation. Acerola originated in northern South America a&d Latin America, is a high nutritional value of tropical fruit, rich in vitamin C, Vc content of juice up 1500-4600mg/100g, for the same quality of lemon / orange 50 – 100 times, is growing in the Vc content of all fruits a&d the highest, but also vitamin A, B family, iron, calcium, good source of carbohydrates. In Brazil, the Acerola juice as common a&d popular in North America, like orange juice, fresh fruit can be used as natural drugs fever a&d dysentery. System in the liver a&d kidneys, can be used as an astringent a&d stimulant use as a diuretic to ease the heart function a&d treatment of wounds. 


1. Immune enhancing 
2. Helps the growth and repair of tissue, 
3. Aids in the production of anti-stress hormones
4. Important role in the human metabolism 
5. Protects against the harmful effects of pollution 
6. Helps to prevent cancer 
7. Helps to protect against infection 
8. Increases the absorption of iron
9. May reduce cholesterol levels 
10. Helps high blood pressure 
11. Helps to prevent arthrosclerosis. 
12. Essential to aid collagen formation 
13. Protects against blood clotting and bruising
14. Promotes the healing of wounds and burns

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