Product name : 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin

Trival name : SN38, SN-38 

Chemical name : 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxy-20(S)-Camptothecin 

Source: Camptotheca acuminata extract

Assay  : >= 98% (HPLC)

CAS No.: 86639-52-3

Molecular formula : C22H20N2O5 

Molecular weight : 392.31


Active metabolite of CPT-11 that inhibits DNA topoisomerase I (IC 50 values are 0.74 and 1.9  M in P388 and Ehrlich cells respectively). Inhibits DNA and RNA synthesis (IC 50 values are 0.077 and 1.3  M respectively) but does not affect protein synthesis. Displays potent antitumor activity against a range of human tumor cell lines (IC 50 values are 3.3, 13, 19 and 22 nM for HCT-116, BEL-7402, HL60 and HELA cells respectively).


A metabolite of Irinotecan, a DNA topoisomerase inhibitor


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