10-hydroxy camptothecin

Product Name: 10-hydroxy camptothecin

Synonym: Spyrano[3, 4: 6, 7]indolizino[1, 2-b]quinoline-3, 14(4H, 12H)-dione

Molecular Formula: C20H16N2O5

Formula Weight: 364.35

CAS No. 19685-09-7 ,7689-03-4


10-hydroxycamptothecin is the derivative of camptothecine that is a micro-alkaloid from camptotheca Acuminate (a tree native to mainland China). Is a kind of pharmaceutical intermediate, an alkaloid originally isolated from the Camptotheca acuminata

Application:10-hydroxycamptothecin exerted inhibitory effects on DNA topoisomerase (Topo )and has anticancer activity in vitro and in vivo. It can also induce differentiation of leukemia MELCand HL-60[3]cells. The purpose of this study is to investigate the proliferation-inhibiting and differentiation-inducing actions of HCPT on human hepatoma Hep G2 cells.

10-hydroxy camptothecin

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